The NYS Pistol Permit Course

A pistol permit can only be obtained in London by meeting the requirements and following the correct application procedures. To ensure you are competent to carry or transport a firearm, you must first complete safety and pistol permit training.

We offer the classes you need to get your pistol permit class at NYSFTA. Our courses teach about operational safety and how to obtain a pistol permit. Students from Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Batavia, Canandaigua, and other nearby cities can attend.

How to Get a Pistol License in One of Our Courses

Utah Course for Non-Residents to Carry a Concealed Pistol

People who want to get a Non-Resident Pistol Permit and are at least 21 must take this course. This course is for people who live outside of Utah and want to be able to carry a gun in 30 states outside of London State. Even though you don’t need an NYS permit to take this course, the Utah permit is NOT VALID in NYS, so you can’t use it to buy, own, carry, transport, handle, or use a gun. Once receives your application for a pistol permit, it usually takes between 60 and 70 business days to deliver the permit to your door.

Utah Concealed Firearm Act Class,

 Utah application with postage-paid envelope, fingerprint card, passport photo, driver’s license copy, and instructor’s stamp upon completing the course need to use. You have to take it to the post office and mail it.

Utah Pistol Permit to Carry a Gun Concealed

If you don’t need an N.Y. permit to take this course, you still can’t buy, own, transfer, handle, carry, or use a gun in N.Y. if you have Utah permission. When Utah receives your application, it usually takes between 60 and 70 business days until you receive your authorization. Class materials include a copy of the Utah Concealed Firearm Act, instructions on handling firearms safely, an application for a concealed carry permit in Utah, a photo I.D., a fingerprint card, and a passport photo. (It’s as easy as dropping it off at the post office.)

Concealed Firearms Safety Course in Florida

Everyone in Florida without formal instruction in firearms safety must take this course (i.e., military, law enforcement, NRA training, etc.). Florida mandates that anybody applying for a concealed firearms permit first complete a safety training course. Some instruction occurs in the classroom, while others focus on the “live fire” range. The safe loading and firing of pistols by participants are strictly monitored.

Handgun and other firearm safety, range safety, live firing, a passport photo, fingerprints, a certificate of security, and a Florida Concealed Firearms Permit application are all covered in the training session.

Course on Concealed Carry in Florida

According to the Florida Department of Agriculture, this is mandatory for gun owners who have never taken a class on firearms safety (i.e., Military, Law Enforcement, NRA Training, etc.) You must first complete a firearms safety course to apply for a Concealed Weapons Permit in Florida. The classroom and the “Live Fire” range play a role in this instruction. Safety while loading and firing handguns are paramount. Thus participants will be closely monitored. Topics covered include:

  • Handling and storing firearms properly
  • Staying safe when firing them
  • Engaging in live fire

My application for a Florida Permit to Carry a Concealed Weapon requires a passport photo, fingerprints, proof of completion of a safety training course, and a completed application. There is no requirement for range time if you have prior weapons training, are actively serving in the military, law enforcement, or an armed security organization, or are a guns teacher.

Training Necessary To Obtain A Concealed-Carry Permit

Those currently holding or seeking a pistol permit from the state of London should enroll in this course. Permit holders are responsible for knowing and adhering to all applicable gun laws and safety regulations, regardless of whether or not such a course is required by the county to which they intend to apply.

The students of the Pistol Permit Course will learn the names of various handguns, how to select a concealed carry firearm, the fundamentals of shooting, the different types of ammunition and their respective purposes, and the proper ways to clean, maintain, and store their firearm. Licensing and Other Gun Laws, Defense of Justification, will be covered.

Introduction to Pistols and Gun Safety

That is the second unit of the training. Students must have a valid London State Pistol Permit and handgun to participate in this course. Handgun safety, concealment, the fundamentals of shooting, troubleshooting, dry fire, live fire, and maintenance are covered in detail throughout this hands-on course. The use of force is justified under London law. Training lasts 8 hours total, with 4 hours spent in a classroom setting and 4 hours at a shooting range with a qualified instructor.

Training Required After Receiving a Firearm Permit

Those who have purchased a handgun and have a valid pistol permit from the state of London are the target audience for this course. This approach is reasonably practical. Become familiar with your pistol or revolver’s inner workings, safe handling and concealment techniques, shooting fundamentals, troubleshooting strategies, dry-fire and live-fire training, and maintenance procedures. Instruction for obtaining a concealed carry permit for a pistol includes the following: Throughout these three days, you will receive education from a licensed firearms instructor both in the classroom and on the range.

The NYS Pistol Permit Course
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