We will train you to handle a firearm safely. As well as provide you with the proper principles to ensure safe shooting.

Training is the key to successful and safe shooting.  As a privately held, owner-operated business where the owners are actively engaged in all areas of the business. Our goal is to provide the most modern and professional training possible.


Expert Instructors

Our instructors are both National Rifle Association Civilian and Law Enforcement Trained as well as Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) approved instructors. Our focus is to prepare you for safe firearm training. We are certain that we can fulfill all your training requirements. We guarantee that you will be fully trained in accordance with New York State Justice (DCJS) rules by our expert instructors.

Exam/Quiz Preperation

The theory we teach you is important and alongside with hands on practical experience. We have mandatory interactive quizzes to ensure that our students have a complete grasp of the safety rules and regulations for safe gun handling.


Basic Pistol Safety Course: This course is a great way for you to learn the basics of pistol handling, shooting and cleaning your firearm

Concealed Weapons Carry (CCW) course gives you the knowledge and and teaches the knowledge and mindset in order to carry your firearm safely. in New York State it is required that you complete this course in order to obtain your “CCW” license.

NYS Concealed Carry Firearm Safety Course (CCW): To obtain a “Carry Concealed Pistol Permit” in New York, this 18-hour course is a requirement. This course is 16-hours of theory and you will learn the basics of pistol shooting along with NYS laws and regulations. In addition, students must successfully complete a 2-hour live fire range training course. Once both classroom and live fire requirements are successfully completed, an applicant can apply for the “carry concealed pistol permit with their respective local municipality.

Popular Courses

What Benefits Can You Enjoy with Us?

We are among the best places to go for getting a firearms license. No other regional training institution can match the Professional Full Service we provide, and the following benefits are a hallmark of our success.

Get Certified

We offer authentic and verified certificates at the end of the course, which will allow you to carry and operate firearms within the state.


We communicate our guidelines and safety regulations openly and also ensure that the students understand the material by keeping them actively engaged.

Unlimited Variety

We offer more than one type of firearm, and you can understand the elemental principle of handling all the different firearms with our help.

Certified Instructors

All of our instructors have advanced training in their fields of specialization and are accredited by the National Rifle Association (NRA) Law Enforcement and Civilian Firearms Divisions. Also, by the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS).


The NYS pistol permit course was a seamless experience for me. The instructors were helpful and knowledgeable in explaining the details of the firearm handling course.

Noah Johnson

The basic pistol safety course has all features a newbie can learn. I am grateful to the management and instructors for their cordial support throughout the learning and practical phase of the course.

Sarah Wilson

Start Learning Today!!

Firearm handling is not a problem anymore when you learn from experienced instructors.


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