Our instructors are committed to sharing their years of training and expertise to make you a safer and more ethical gun owner. The certificate you will get after completing the course is printed with the name of the instructor and is also signed. Our instructors have the following credentials:
Law Enforcement experience
Over 30 years of firearm experience
New York state-certified instructors
Teach both Civilian and Law Enforcement Curriculums
Provide advanced weapons training as well as basic safety instruction to citizens who are interested in learning more.
The instructors who created this safety certificate program merged their years of official law enforcement firearms training expertise with their NRA -based training to create a thorough course that will teach you the fundamentals of handgun safety.

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President – Instructor
With an unblemished track record of over 30 years with law enforcement agencies, Scott is the lead instructor, ready to share his diverse experience.


Vice President – Instructor

A firearm expert with pitch-perfect knowledge of different types of firearms. Victor has vast experience in crafting methods of firearm handling.


James Robinson


Scott was very friendly throughout the RSO training course. He is a leader and a true guide for those who want to learn quickly and in-depth.

Olivia Brook


I got my NYS live fire certification in a flash. The instructors at NYS are well-equipped with firearms knowledge and have made it super easy for me to handle a weapon.

Harry Brook


Victor is the man behind the inch-perfect aim I have today. The NRA basics of pistol shooting were a life-changing experience, and Victor was extremely helpful in every learning step.

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NYS fire training courses are strictly carried out under the watch of expert professionals. We have designed the courses in line with state laws. Ready to take the aim?
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