Basics of Gun Safety Courses

Basics of Gun Safety Courses helps to promote and protect shooting and other related activities by setting and keeping high standards through training, education, and best practices.

Before using a gun, it seems obvious that a person should learn how to do it safely. But research shows that 39% of people who own guns don’t know how to use them safely. Everyone should have to get a lot of training with guns before they can buy one. This should include training with real bullets. The training should also teach people how to store, handle, use, and transport a gun in a safe way. Gun owners need to know self-defense laws, how to calm down an argument, and the dangers of children and people with suicidal thoughts getting their hands on guns.


A person who wants to get a Wear and Carry Permit does not have to take the firearms safety course if:

  • Are currently working as a police officer for the U.S., the state of Maryland, or any local police agency in Maryland.
  • A person who left one of the above law enforcement agencies on good terms.
  • Are you an active or retired member of the U.S. Armed Forces or the National Guard, or someone who was discharged with honor?
  • Are Qualified to Teach Handgun.
  • Have taken and passed a Maryland State Police-approved course on gun safety.

BASC is completely against making tests a requirement for owning a gun or shotgun. But people who are new to the sport need to understand that it is up to them to learn how to safely use a shotgun or firearm. This can be done by having a more experienced shooter “mentor” you for a while and “show you the ropes” or by taking a training course if this isn’t possible.


  • Gun Safety
  • Proper Storage
  • Guns Being Cleaned
  • Putting your gun away
  • How to Hold the Gun, Aim/Site

How to Stand

You don’t need to know anything before taking this class.

The QRA is a Nationally Recognized Training Organization (RTO number 5308) that has been given permission by the QLD Police Service Weapons Licensing Branch to teach the 11029NAT Course in Firearm Safety on their behalf. It also has options for Recognizing Prior Learning (RPL) if that applies.

Your application for a license must include the Statement of Attainment, which you will get when you finish the course successfully. This statement is good for a year after the date it was made.

Also, the QRA can offer courses on request for restricted categories C and D, M – Crossbows, and M Miscellaneous – Collectors, for which you need a specific reason, like your job, to get a license.

This 8-hour class will teach you how to shoot revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. Students learn the NRA’s rules for safe gun handling, the parts of a pistol and how it works, how to load it, the basics of shooting, range rules, how to shoot from a bench rest and two-handed standing positions, how to clean the pistol, and how to keep improving their skills.

You will find out the following:

  • Basic rules for keeping guns safe
  • Types of weapons and where they are kept
  • How to operate a gun and how to handle and carry it safely
  • Responsibilities of the gun owner or person who uses a gun
  • Guns should be stored, shown, moved, and handled in a safe way.
  • Minors who finish the CFSC course and do well can apply for a Minor’s License (2)
  • Prerequisites
  • Under 18? You need permission from a parent.

Before you can apply for a Firearms License, you have to take a Firearms Safety Course if you want to own a gun for hunting, target shooting, primary production, or work in a rural area.

Firearms Instructors who are experienced and knowledgeable work for Pagan Firearms and teach regular Firearms Safety Courses in Townsville.

We have a one-session course that gives you a certificate in less than a week, so you can get your license faster. Food and drinks are also provided, and training takes place in a comfortable room with air conditioning.

There are also combinations of the above groups

After you finish the course, we will give you a simplified version of all the information you need to apply for your license. We can also help with license applications if you need us to (fees apply).

Courses happen every two weeks, and you have to sign up in advance.

Students who book online should keep in mind the following:

1) You will be sent a Booking Form to fill out and send back to complete your reservation.

2) Please put the course date in the comments section.

More Information

  • Students can get a discount if they take the CFSC and CRFSC courses back-to-back.
  • To pass the test, you must have attended 100% of the classes.

Tests need to be taken again within 30 days.

Basics of Gun Safety Courses
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