What Is the Best Class for A Newbie?
The basic pistol permit class of 2 hours is the best for a newbie to start firearm training.

Do I Have To Bring My Own Pistol?
No, NYS will provide firearms and ammunition during the firearm training courses.

How Can I Get Live Fire Certification?
You can enroll in NYS live fire certification course to get the certification after passing the mandatory training procedure.

What is The Minimum Age for Undertaking Live-Fire Shooting Courses?
According to state laws, the minimum age should be 18 years to enroll in a basic pistol safety course.

What Is NYS Concealed Carry Class?
NYS concealed carry class is a firearm safety course that requires the student to take 16 hours of the course time to complete it and get the certification.

Are Your Courses Certified?
Yes, all courses at NYS are certified and are per the firearm training regulatory laws. We stick firmly to the law of the land while designing and executing these firearm safety courses.

Who Are My Instructors?
Your instructors are highly-experienced individuals from law enforcement agencies. They are the master of firearm handling art and will prepare you for it.

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